Guests' Frequently Asked Questions

Guest: What comes in my Meal Box? Freshii: You will receive three meals and two snacks each day. Meal Boxes are designed by a certified nutritionist and customized to meet specific nutritional requirements.
Guest: What are the benefits of my Meal Box? Freshii: The Meal Box program is built to meet specific nutritional requirements and to help you achieve your goals. Results will vary based on weight, metabolism, age and activity level.
Guest: Am I allowed to make modifications to my Meal Box? Freshii: It is recommended that you stick to the daily options provided in order to experience best results. However, minor modifications are allowed. Freshii is happy to accommodate dietary preferences and allergies.
Guest: Where can I find the nutrition information for my Meal Box? Freshii: Email and a certified nutritionist will be in touch within 24 hours.
Guest: When do I pick up my Meal Box? Freshii: Meal Boxes are to be picked up each evening and consumed the following day. Meals and snacks should be consumed within 24 hours of receiving your box.
Guest: Can my Meal Box be delivered? Freshii: Meal Boxes can be delivered if within a specific delivery zone. Inquire about delivery with your local Freshii when you place your order.
Guest: Can I combine two different Meal Boxes? Freshii: You will have the option to combine two different Meal Boxes if participating in the 30-day program. For example, you can choose to combine the Slim Meal Box and Gluten-Free Meal Box and select from the six daily options each week. Need advice? Email and a Freshii Certified Nutritionist will recommend a combination of Boxes that is best for you based on your health goals and dietary requirements.